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Current Projects

  1. Ileo-anal pouches: a snapshot of current practice in KSS – “would I want a pouch and where would I have it?”
  2. Multicentre audit of Laparoscopic Ventral Rectopexy for Prolapse & Obstructed Defecation in collaboration with: Surrey and South London pelvic floor group

If you are interested in participating in one of the above projects or have your own research ideas please see "Research Ideas" below.

Previous Projects (2015):

  1. Assessing the value of pre-operative ultrasonography in appendicitis - data from 9 hospitals
  2. Multicentre evaluation of early rectal cancer - date from 4 hospitals

Conference Dates, Venues & Deadlines 2016

BOMSS Cardiff, 27-29th January Deadline: Passed

ASIT Liverpool, 18-20th March Deadline: Passed

ASGBI Belfast, 11-13th May Deadline: Passed

EAES Amsterdam, 15-18th June Deadline: Passed

ACPGBI Edinburgh, 4-6th July Deadline: Passed

ESCP Milan, 28-30th September Deadline: 29th April, Website

European Colorectal Congress St Gallen, Switzerland, 29th Nov-2nd Dec Deadline: 30th September, Website

AUGIS Leeds, 22-23rd September Deadline: TBA

ALSGBI London, 10-11th November Deadline: TBA

DDF Deadline: TBA

Registrar Teaching Programme 2016

West KSS:

Fri 29th Jan - Guildford, Jobs Day

Fri 26th Feb - St Helier

Fri 18th March - Chichester

Fri 29th April - Croydon

Fri 27th May - Frimley, Prize Day

Fri 17th June - Kingston

Fri 29th July - Worthing

Fri 30th Sept - Guildford

Fri 21st Oct - Redhill

Fri 25th Nov - St George's


East KSS:

All East KSS teaching is based in the IMAC at Maidstone Hospital, the dates for the East KSS teaching are:

April 15th - Breast Study Day

May 5th - Colorectal Day

Friday 17th June - First Annual East KSS Prize Day - Call for abstracts

July 15th - TBC

August 19th - TBC

September 16th - TBC

October 21st - TBC

November 17th - Colorectal Day

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