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Current Projects

If you are interested in participating in one of the above projects or have your own research ideas please see "Research Ideas" below.

  1. ORCHiD - Outcomes following Radiological or laparoscopic lavage for Hinchey Divertilulitis
  2. Life after NELA - an morbidity and mortality in the years following emergency laparotomy
  3. Perioperative management of diabetic patients


Previous Projects (2017):

  1. Quality of endoscopy training in KSS

Previous Projects (2016):

  1. Ileo-anal pouches: a snapshot of current practice in KSS – “would I want a pouch and where would I have it?”
  2. Multicentre audit of Laparoscopic Ventral Rectopexy for Prolapse & Obstructed Defecation in collaboration with: Surrey and South London pelvic floor group

Previous Projects (2015):

  1. Assessing the value of pre-operative ultrasonography in appendicitis - data from 9 hospitals
  2. Multicentre evaluation of early rectal cancer - date from 4 hospitals

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